Our Executive coaching Focuses on Your Strengths 

Our ideal clients:

  • You have considerable strengths and want help leveraging them.
  • You're not broken. We don't fix people. In fact, we believe you're competent, capable, and whole.
  • You like doing by doing. If you prefer practicing new strategies rather than memorizing new theories, we might be a good fit for you.
  • You have goals, and you want to control what to work on rather than following a prescribed path.
  • You want to see results, so you're open to getting feedback, gathering data, and trying new approaches.
  • You want a good fit. So you'd like to interview, select, and even switch coaches at your discretion.

Why clients come to us:

  • "I need to get re-engaged, re-focused, and recharged"
  • "I am new to an organization and need to 'figure it out'"
  • "I'm preparing for a big career move"
  • "I want to take on bigger challenges beyond work"
  • "I am considering my legacy and contributions to this business and this world"



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