Go Far Together

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What would it mean to your organization if you teams were fully engaged and thriving? What impact would that have on the metrics that matter? High Peaks Group creates engaging learning sessions where participants understand their strengths, define the organization they want, and begin the process of creating it through practice. Our sessions are not "training programs," rather we provide learning experiences where the participants work hard on practicing not only "what" to do, but also "how" to do it in a way that builds a strong, resilient company culture. Often that requires some self-reflection and courage to try new behaviors. Our facilitators create a safe, engaging space to work and experiment.

Team alignment is most effective when it begins with a real understanding of where there are stronger and weaker leadership areas across the team. Really getting under the surface of how people experience leadership at different levels is the key to targeted, efficient intervention – leading to significant cost savings and enhanced performance. We have a range of tools and capabilities to assess teams, departments, boards, and organizations:

Data gathering is the first step in creating a learning strategy for the team(s) that need it. We build targeted workshops as well as organizational learning strategies. Our experts have designed hundreds of learning sessions and have the empathy required to facilitate challenging groups to get results.

Clients Call Us When:

  • Launching a new initiative and company-wide buy-in is needed

  • Teams are getting burned out and lack work-life balance

  • Communication across the organization needs to improve

  • A new leader needs to establish a new team culture

  • Teams are stuck in a fixed mindset and need to take more risks

  • They need more effective and civil ways to communicate, negotiate, and influence others