Peak Navigator

Tune your leadership style. Get teams engaged. Build employee loyalty.
Delivered Online or In-Person


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The Peak Navigator program is perfect for senior and executive-level leaders who are struggling with high turnover, low employee engagement, low customer satisfaction or NPS scores, top talent leaving for competitors, and difficulty attracting and retaining diverse talent.

The Peak Navigator Program is a cost-effective way to get a read on how you’re doing as a leader. You will clearly see the behaviors you use most often in your leadership role — behaviors that can create a culture of engagement, innovation, and inclusion. You’ll also have access to a community of peers to build your coaching skills and get great feedback. Plus, an accredited High Peaks Group coach will help you interpret your report, review your learning plan, and keep you accountable.

About the Program:

To help you tune your leadership style, get your team engaged, and build employee loyalty, we focus on:

  • Assessing the leadership behaviors shown to be effective in engaging teams

  • Providing insight on how your leadership behaviors accelerate or limit your effectiveness

  • Peer coaching to build your professional network and get additional perspective

  • A learning plan to help you stay on course and measure results

  • Support along the way from an accredited High Peaks Group coach and community of peers

  • Follow up to ensure you’ve followed through on your commitments to yourself

What’s Included:

  • The PLI online assessment that takes 15-20 minutes

  • A clear report including:

    • an overview of your leadership behavior profile

    • descriptions of possible impacts of behaviors enacted most and least often

    • development suggestions to enhance behaviors used less often

  • An online group workshop and peer coaching session

  • A 30-minute one-on-one report debrief and goal-setting session with a certified executive coach

  • A supportive online community of like-minded peers supported by organizational and leadership experts.

  • A report interpretation guide and action planning template

  • Discount on a future individual or onsite leadership training

Shine Some Light on Your Blindspots!

The Performance Leader Identifier (PLI) assesses leadership that is much more relevant than what is typically applied today. Your PLI report is mapped to the Real World Group’s Engaging Transformational Leadership model — one of the world’s most proven with a wide range of published evidence demonstrating that these leadership behaviors not only predict improved performance, but they are also strongly correlated with improved innovation, collaboration, readiness for change, self-confidence, motivation, reduced stress, achieving more with less, and many other positive factors in organizations. They are exactly what is needed in today’s turbulent and uncertain world.

The PLI not only helps you understand how you perform, but also how effective you are at maximizing the potential of people around you, and thus multiplying success for your company, agency, or non-profit.

What People Are Saying


Katie White
Yellowstone Club (MT)

“[My coach] took me through the Performance Leader Identifier Report, working with me to create specific goals that I could apply to my job as a supervisor in a ski school. The part that I thought stood out the most, was the continuity of our conversations. He did a really incredible job circling back to topics that we had previously discussed and asking about the progress. I was fortunate to start working with him just before one of our busiest periods, so I was able to try applying certain leadership skills we spoke about in our busiest days of the season. He then helped guide my reflection about how I did over that time. Working with him has been an incredible experience, filled with learning for me. He truly cares about the progress of his clients, and made sure to specialize based on exactly my needs.”