Executive Coaching

Our standard coaching offering is a 6-9 month engagement with an experienced, certified coach. He or she will work by your side to create and fulfill key learning objectives that will help you become more effective in your role. You can expect prompt and personalized service, a safe and confidential environment, and the opportunity to learn new things and freely discuss your challenges. Your coach will help you identify and leverage your strengths that will form a positive learning platform for your growth.

Perfect for Leaders Who:

  • Need to get re-engaged, re-focused, and recharged

  • Are new to an organization and need to "figure it out"

  • Are preparing for a significant career advancement

  • Want to take on bigger challenges beyond work

  • Are considering their legacy and contributions to others


  • Proven methodology

  • Choice of coaches

  • Confidential

  • 360 feedback

  • Learning plan


Before coaching starts, we first work with you to identify the right coach for you. Ensuring you are comfortable with your coach is a critical step in the coaching process. High Peaks Group has an outstanding network of experienced, certified coaches.

Then, we follow the path below that leads you to greater

  • Deciding on Goals and Outcomes

    • Identifying the outcomes you want from coaching

    • Understanding your current challenges and work context

    • Identifying expectations the company has for coaching, if any

  • Identifying and Building Strengths

    • Taking assessments such as StrengthsFinder or others

    • Identifying moments of peak performance

  • Focusing on Values, Passions, and Vision for Your Future

    • Contemplating what drives you

    • Distinguishing the "real self" from the "ought self"

  • Analyzing Data & Identifying Growth Areas

    • Generating insights and data from self-assessments and other activities

    • Gathering objective 360 feedback on Emotional Intelligence competencies

  • Building a Learning Plan

    • Creating achievable "ripple" goals that start small and grow from successes

    • Engaging supporters to help maintain momentum and keep you on track

  • Experimenting and Practicing New Skills

    • Designing experiments and documenting your learning

    • Practicing new skills through role playing

    • Adjusting the learning plan


  • Pre-coaching expectation-setting meeting with manager (if needed)

  • Up to 12 in-person coaching meetings

  • Phone coaching as needed between in-person meetings

  • Homework, readings, self-assessments, and activities between meetings

  • 360 assessment and feedback report