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The Problem We Work to Solve


The Peak Navigator Program

For senior level ski area leaders to tune their leadership style, get teams engaged, and build employee loyalty

At 2% of US Gross Domestic Product, the Outdoor and Recreation industry is as big as the construction and oil/gas industries, and it is growing faster than the overall economy. Leaders in this industry have been innovating products and services for a long time, but they’re not known for cultivating talent. Maintaining growth will require more leaders with advanced capabilities to navigate the uncertainty that lies ahead. High Peaks Group works with companies to ensure the industry continues to grow and provide access to the outdoor experience for all. Through organizational analysis, leadership development programs, executive off-sites, and other custom programs, High Peaks Group is committed to ensuring the outdoor industry has the leadership it needs to continue to thrive.

Why Hire Us

High Peaks Group started writing leadership and management blogs for Ski Area Management magazine in 2013. Since then, we have built a reputation as having deep understanding of the ski and outdoor industries’ people-related challenges. From leadership succession, talent acquisition, company culture, and the relative lack of formal training and development, High Peaks Group gets it. We combine this industry understanding with deep expertise in leadership development to deliver unique and impactful solutions that drive business forward, retain top talent, and create magnetic workplace cultures.