See the Whole Iceberg

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How can you be sure the people in your organization are ready for the ongoing adaptive challenges that the world is bringing? Are they agile or recalcitrant? Are they innovative or stuck in their ways? Are they open to new ideas or fiercely territorial? Are they authentically on board or just nodding their heads?

The higher your position in an organization, the less likely you are to get objective feedback and data about what’s going on under the surface. Company engagement surveys give some insights, but often they raise more questions than answers. In fact, they often touch off unproductive finger-pointing conversations where no one takes responsibility and everyone has a theory of why the results are not better than they are.

We help leaders see the whole organization. We offer tools that get to the real barriers holding the organization back from accelerated success.

Through our partnership with U.K.-based research and assessment firm Real World Group, we offer team 360-degree feedback tools that provide unique external perspectives of those working with the team (not just those working in the team). We also offer qualitative tools like focus groups, appreciative inquiry interviews, and direct observation that provide a perspective from an expert business psychologist.