The Sample Workshop


The Sample Workshop


“An engaging, provocative, and impactful learning experience” - Marc Benioff, CEO of Salesforce (he didn’t really say that)

Expand your leadership capability and bring value to your organization (and life) with our award-winning workshop: The Sample Workshop. It will be fun and totally worth it.

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The Challenge

Ed and Paul’s research and observations have surfaced a common challenge leaders face. In this workshop, Ed and Paul will provide tools and resources to help solve it.

The Solution

Through reflection, observation, and exercises, Ed and Paul will help leaders develop their own individual learning plan that’ll be immediately implementable.

Who should enroll?

This workshop is applicable for those who want to take their leadership to the next level (of consciousness).

What are the benefits of this workshop?

  • You’ll be the coolest person around

  • You’ll be amazed by your own potential

  • You will immediately get promoted