Good Insights Start with Good Questions

The most effective way to create positive, sustainable change in ourselves or in our companies is to ask strong questions and answer them honestly. Below are some questions we use to help leaders reflect and act on areas where they may be stuck. We have used questions like these with leaders thinking about their next career step to companies seeking to improve employee engagement. Whatever the path you need to find, good insights start with good questions.


Turn your phone off for a minute. Reduce the noise around you, and get comfortable.

Think about where you are right now as a leader. Scan your environment to get a sense of where you're effective and where you may be stuck. 

Think of a situation that you want to change, but are having trouble.

Focus Attention

What is important to you in solving this situation, and why do you care?

What question, if answered, would make the most difference in this situation?

What would someone with an entirely different set of beliefs/perspectives say about the situation?

Go Deeper

What has real meaning for you in what you've answered so far?

What's missing? What do you need more clarity on?

What's the next level of thinking you need to do?

Move Forward

What is one thing you can do to change an aspect of the situation?

What needs your immediate attention here?

If your success was completely guaranteed, what steps would you take right now?