Five Peak Coaching

Your Path to Becoming a More Effective and Engaging Leader

I help leaders keep their best talent, create great workplaces, and have more time to focus on important strategic priorities. One question I get when talking to senior leaders is “how do I get employees really excited to be here and fully engaged at work?” Below, I’m going to show you how my Five Peaks Coaching Model helps leaders tune their leadership skills to get teams way more engaged and reduce turnover.

Before we do that, let’s talk about why employee engagement matters. Think of it this way, if you don’t have engaged employees, you will find yourself spending lots of time managing (or at least monitoring) your employees’ behavior and worrying about their impact on the business. That leaves you with far less time to spend on the big initiatives and strategic priorities you’re responsible for.

But, if you get this right, you will have a team that simply delivers. They’ll create great experiences for your customers, a great culture internally, and you will have much lower turnover to deal with. With an engaged team, you can focus on the priorities that will keep your company competitive in our ever-changing business landscape.

The Five Peak Model

I developed High Peaks Group’s Five Peak Model as an alternative to high-priced, time-restricted approaches where the coach serves as a psychoanalyst or corporate tattle-tale and the client watches the clock and presses for ‘results.’ The Five Peak Model helps leaders work towards their goals in a responsible and supported way. The Five Peak Model is different from most coaching models: no hourly rates; no limits on the number of coaching sessions; no forced timelines; and no judgment. We believe you’re already a great leader that wants to unleash your team’s potential, and you want to do that by broadening your range of leadership capabilities so you can support them and yourself.

Peak 1: Aspire

Like any journey, it starts with the end in mind. We ask leaders to be very clear about the future they want for themselves and their teams.


Peak 2: Assess

In order to understand how far you need to go to achieve your ideal future, it’s important to know where you’re at now. We gather a variety of data that gets leaders to think.

Peak 3: Address

With goals and gaps identified, we co-develop your learning plan that will improve your ability to lead your team and get results.


Peak 4: Attempt

Leaders experiment with new behaviors, document successes (and failures), and even revisit goals. A supportive coach and network helps the leader maintain confidence through this challenging process of growth.

Peak 5: Adapt

In this stage, the leader practices the new behaviors to the point they become second nature. By being a leader in a new way, the behaviors become embedded.


Take the Next Step

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