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High Peaks Group Executive Coaching

Executive Coaching maximizes the professional potential of senior-level leaders. High Peaks Group focuses on a client’s strengths and develops skills shown to differentiate good leaders from outstanding ones. We approach coaching with the belief our clients are capable, whole, stable, and genuinely curious about becoming more effective and accelerating the organization’s results.

High Peaks Group coaching engagements follow our research-based individual leader change model: 1) Understanding the situation; 2) Understanding the client; 3) Building a Plan; 4) Implementing the Plan/Coaching Sessions; and 5) Maintaining Progress. Engagements begin by gathering data to form a baseline. At the same time, the client defines his/her goals. Then, the coach and client work together to identify and practice specific improvement areas.

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Benefits of High Peaks Group Coaching

Clients working with High Peaks Group executive coaches have reported:

  • Self-awareness and increased self-management

  • Enhanced capability to lead teams and peers

  • More effective and intentional communication

  • Increased executive presence

  • More effective relationships

  • Greater ability to acquire and deliver clarity

  • Enhanced productivity

  • Better stress management

  • Greater awareness of organizational politics

  • Increased capacity to influence others

  • Increased confidence

How did you know that that’s what I needed to see?
— Executive Coaching Client
I have not had an intellectually or emotionally rigorous conversation like this in years.
— Executive Coaching Client