Elaine Thallner, MD, MPOD

Executive coach & Consultant

    Dr. Elaine Thallner is a practicing emergency physician and an experienced executive coach with a passion for helping talented, thoughtful, highly educated individuals enhance their leadership skills and their personal well-being.  She has a broad base of knowledge about the current research in positive psychology and its relationship to the individual’s leadership and to the organization’s culture. 

    Elaine earned her MD from Temple University Medical School in Philadelphia, and completed a residency in Emergency Medicine in Cleveland, Ohio.  She also earned a Master’s degree in Positive Organizational Development from Case Western Reserve University and completed a fellowship in Healthcare Quality and Patient Safety with the Veteran’s Administration.

    She is currently on the Executive Board of the Women’s Professional Staff Association at Cleveland Clinic, a course facilitator for a physician communication course, and a former Quality Improvement Officer for Emergency Medicine. 

    As a parent of five children, discovering ways to manage work-life balance is another interest (and challenge).