Leadership Development | Organizational Evaluation | Collective Impact Strategy

The Problems We Work to Solve

How might we reduce corruption and deliver government services equitably in a South African province? How might we build partnerships to focus effort on increasing the high school graduation rate? How might we create a technology economy in southern New Mexico that provides opportunity to underrepresented populations? High Peaks Group has worked to solve these issues and more.

As society grows more connected and complex, the challenges it faces are increasingly shared across industries, geographies, ideologies, and demographics. The responsibility to solve big challenges are also shared across non-profit, government, and for-profit organizations and industries. Specific mindsets, strategies, and resources are required to bring disparate organizations and their agendas together in order to create positive change for all. High Peaks Group has the capacity to understand the stakeholder landscape, build coalitions, and create an impact strategy to solve complex challenges that benefit all.

Why Hire Us

High Peaks Group has decades of experience working in and with highly complex, interrelated systems. We have built stakeholder coalitions, engaged the public in statewide policy, and advised national leaders on strategic approaches to change while ensuring that citizens being impacted most are heard and seen. We believe more stakeholders can score ‘wins’ for their constituents by being open to creative problem-solving and innovative thinking. Our process of bringing stakeholders into a room to discover solutions is both engaging and productive.