Aretha Miller

Practice Area Lead | Consultant | Executive Coach


Aretha Miller is a veteran public school educator with 20+ years’ experience working with at- risk and vulnerable youth in both charter and traditional district public schools. Aretha has expertise in school inspection and accountability, school improvement planning, leadership coaching and mentoring, and workshop design and facilitation. She has worked collaboratively with school leaders, charter authorizers, and district and state education department administrators across the United States to improve student achievement.

Aretha is the Founder & Chief Executive Officer of The Venn Group, Inc. an educational consulting group that is committed to helping school leaders and teachers in both charter and traditional district schools strengthen their capacity to lead effective continuous school improvement planning. Aretha was the founding CEO at Community Education Building (CEB) in Wilmington, DE and the Vice President of School Supports at the New York City Charter School Center where she also served as the interim Chief Operations Officer. She led and managed the Charter Center’s two leadership initiatives, the Emerging Leaders Fellows (ELF) Program and the Principal Support Network Program. In 2009, Aretha launched the New York City Charter School English Language Learner Consortium that is designed to build charter leaders and teachers’ capacity to provide high quality instructional support to increase the educational outcomes of English Language Learners they serve.

Aretha started her career in Boston Public Schools where she worked as a special education teacher and literacy specialist. She was the curriculum coordinator for the Diploma Plus initiative – a nationally recognized alternative education model designed to re-engage at-risk and out-of-school youth to the learning process – at the Commonwealth Corporation’s Center for Youth Development and Education and a project manager at SchoolWorks. She graduated from the University of Massachusetts at Amherst with a Bachelor of Arts in Spanish and a Master’s in Special Education from Lesley University.